10 Reasons to Build a New Home

Faced with the choice of either renting a home, buying an established home or building a brand new home, which should you choose?

Each person will be in a different position and will be influenced by a range of circumstances, like their financial situation. In this blog, we’d like to explore the reasons for building a new home.

1- Choice of Land

If you’re building a new home, you’ll need a block of land to build on. This choice of land is a big advantage. It will allow you to find a size that suits you and the style of house you wish to build. You’ll also be able to choose the street and suburb, and even the direction it faces. Being able to choose the land on which your house will sit gives you control over the type of build you will have and ultimately, the lifestyle you’ll enjoy.

2 – Design it For You

Building a new house means you can design it exactly the way you want. You can build it to suit your needs as well as your lifestyle. If you have a growing family, you may want extra bedrooms or if you have a home business, you may want an extra large study or a storage room for stock. You may own more than two cars so want extra garage space. Building a new home allows you to make all these choices and not have to compromise. You can build to suit you and your family.

3 – Personalise It

As well as being able to design the floor plan, a new build will also allow you to choose the fixtures and finishes. You can choose exterior materials and colours that you love, and do the same with interiors. No having to stare at ugly features or contemplate renovation because the home will be uniquely you. Imagine being able to choose everything from wall colours to tapware – the possibilities are endless and you’ll end up with a home you truly love.

4 – That New Feeling

Walking into your own brand new home is a feeling like no other. You get to enjoy everything knowing it hasn’t be used by anyone else. Clean new bathrooms and kitchens are two major drawcards for people who choose to build. And the smell of freshly painted walls and brand new carpet will make you feel like you’re in your own luxury hotel. You’ll get to enjoy everything as a first time user.

5 – Low Cost Maintenance

With a brand new house build, you won’t have to worry about hefty maintenance bills. When a house is several years old, it needs upkeep – as things age, they need to be repaired. By building a new house, you can save money on maintenance. You’ll also have the extra assurance of knowing that if you look after your house and take steps to regularly check it, you’ll avoid a horror maintenance bill down the track.

6 – Warranty

On top of not having to worry about maintenance costs, you’ll also have the assurance of a building warranty. That’s why it’s also important to use a reputable and licenced builder. Most states and territories in Australia require a statutory new home warranty and some also have ‘implied’ warranties that require work to be carried out properly. Your warranty will usually include protection against defects in materials and work as well as structural defects. Check your building contract to see exactly what’s covered and over what period of time. But certainly, this is a huge advantage of a new home build.

7 – Building Standards

Hand in hand with a building warranty is having your home built to the latest building standards. By building a new home instead of buying an established one, you get the assurance of knowing that your house meets current standards. As an example, older homes may contain asbestos or may not meet fire regulations. With a new home, you don’t have to worry about any of those things. Your licenced builder is required to follow the latest, most updated building regulations.

8 – Energy Efficiency

The energy efficiency of a home is now a major concern for home owners. You want a home that will not cost an exorbitant amount to run and one that you can keep reasonably cool in Summer and warm in Winter. With a new home build, all these things are taken into consideration. But you also have the luxury of making decisions at the start of the build that will aid energy efficiency. These things might include the direction that living and non-living areas face, whether to include balconies or awnings that will create shade and even whether to include solar panels. It will be more cost effective to do these things at the outset, rather than retro fitting an older home.

9 – New Communities

Unless your build is a knock down rebuild, you’ll probably find that a new build is also in a new area. There’s something very special about a new community, where everyone starts out together and contributes to the growth and establishment of that community. You also get the luxury of new amenities for you and your family to enjoy.

10 – Pride

Building a new home is a big task and an important investment. Being able to design your home, make decisions and watch it be built from the ground up is quite an experience. By the end of the process, you’ll be able to take great pride in saying you built your home. It will be one of your proudest achievements.

Building a new home certainly has many advantages. If you’d like to find out more, we encourage you to visit one of Lily Homes’ display villages.