5 Essential Tips for Decluttering a Home

Unless you embrace a minimalist lifestyle, you probably have a home (or at least sections of a home) that need decluttering.
To declutter means to remove unnecessary items from a space. There are many benefits to doing this in your home:

  • Makeyou: space look neater – its amazing how much cleaner and more organised your home can look and feel by just removing clutter.
  • Create added space – a space will instantly look bigger when clutter is removed.
  • Mental well being – many believe that decluttering promotes happiness. Marie Kondo is a famous Japanese organising consultant and believer of this philosophy, encouraging people to get rid of anything that doesn’t bring them joy.

Here are our 5 essential tips to help you achieve a decluttered home:


For most people, it would be impossible to declutter a home in one day, or even one weekend. So its a peat idea to set a timetable and if possible, get the whole family involved. Make the schedule realistic – Will it be possible to declutter the kitchen in a few hours? How long will it take to declutter wardrobes?Set a timetable, and stick toil and soon enough you will have achieved your goal.


The only way to successfully declutter is to sort your possessions into piles representing what you will do with items. The following categories are very useful for most people:

Keep:Keep things that you use regularly. Sounds pretty simple, but this requires being honest with yourself.When was the last time you wort that dress? Have you ever used that large platter sitting in your kitchen cupboard/Anything that doesn’t get used regularly, especially if it hasn’t been used in a year, definitely doesn’t belong in this pile.

Throw out: Anything broken or old/worn out can be thrown out. II you think you’ll have a lot of items to be thrown out, it might be wise to hire a skip bin. Having a large bin sitting out the front is definitely incentive for throwing things out. Donate or Seth If there are items you no longer use but are in good condition, you may wish to donate or sell them. Remember that charities aren’t looking for clothes with holes and stains.Ask yourself, would you like this item as a gift? If the answer is no. throw It out. If the answer is yes, then donate or sell.
Store; Some Items that you don’t use regularly may hold sentimental value. Instead of leaving these Items scattered around, you can consider placing them into storage. If you can bring yourself to part with the item but still want to keep the memory, a great idea is to take photos and create an album of all your treasured items.


You’ll be amazed at how decluttered a space can look just by making everything TOM uniform. This is where storage containers can be your best friends. Your pantry can go from messy loamy° Instagram worthy by just taking things out of their packaging and placing in labelled canisters. A linen closet can be neatened by placing towels, sheets and other items in baskets and even a wardrobe can look less cluttered by utilising coat hangers that all look the same.



Its very hard to break old habits, but if you want to maintain a clutter free home, you’ll need to put some rules in place – and make sure everyone adheres to them. You can make this processeasler by providing designated places or storage containers for items. For instance, you might have a decorative bowl near the front door for mailfuntil it is opened and filed away) and keys, so family members know not to place these items all over the place. A basket at the bottom of stairs works well for items that need to be taken upstairs – as long as you take the basket up and put things away each day. Little wins like these will save you having to dedutter all over again In a few months time.


The satisfaction that comes with achieving a declutter is quite special. So make sure you document It with before and after photos. This will also be a great incentive to keep the space looking neat and not fall back into old habits.
A good declutter can really make your home look more attractive, as well as making you happier. So what are you waiting for? Star t that declutter schedule now.