6 Easy Ways to Restyle a Room On Any Budget

Do you have a room in your home that needs a makeover? Maybe it’s looking a little outdated, or perhaps it’s lacking personality. You don’t need to spend thousands to give it a fresh new look. We’ve got 6 easy ways to improve the look of any room – and the best part is that all these suggestions suit any budget!

You can change the whole vibe of bedrooms, lounge rooms and sitting rooms simply by purchasing new linen, doonas, throw rugs and throw cushions. New always equals fresh but this option also allows you to change the whole colour scheme of a room. Mix it up for different seasons or different moods! The possibilities are endless.

Absolutely any room in the home, even a bathroom, can be given a lift with some new art work. The great aspect of this option is that you are only limited by your imagination. You can buy great pieces of art online or from local artists, you can frame holiday photos or have them printed on to canvas, you can frame drawings that the kids have made or you can even turn your hand to creating your own artwork. New artwork is a really great way to give a room a fresh new look and to display your personality.

People often overlook how much difference a mirror can make to a room. Not only can it reflect a particular style through its framing, but it also opens up a room. By having more light bouncing around a room and through reflection, a room can be made to feel bigger than it is. So whether it’s a hallway needing a point of interest or a dining room with an empty wall, a mirror can be the perfect styling tool.

This is another styling method that can dramatically change the look and mood of a room. Light fittings come in endless shapes and sizes to suit all styles of homes – and even the light globe you choose to use with them can make a difference to the vibe of a room. But if a light fitting change isn’t in your budget you can restyle using free standing floor lamps, fairy lights or candles. There are so many options available that the hardest part will be deciding what to choose!

Adding a touch of greenery (or other colour) to any room in your home through plants immediately gives a facelift. From popular Fiddle Leaf Figs to easy to care for succulents, there’s a plant that will suit every room and budget! And if you don’t have a green thumb there are now many faux plant options that look like the real deal. You can have plants in room corners, beside consoles, on top of tables or benches, on window sills, or hanging from hooks. Again, you are only limited by your imagination.

A rug, like throw cushions, can change the style and ambience of a room with little effort. Whether it’s a lounge room, dining room, study, bedroom or entrance, the right rug can lift a room. It’s also a great winter styling choice, especially if you have tiles as your main floor covering, because it can add warmth. The beauty of rugs is that they can be placed on any floor covering and they come in a range of colours and textures.

Time to stop procrastinating about that tired old room that you wish could have a makeover. Cushions, artwork, mirrors, lighting, plants and rugs can all be the key to a brand new room. Employ one or employ them all, the choice is yours. Have fun restyling!