Double Take: 7 Benefits of Single Storey Homes

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In childhood, we often romanticise the idea of a double story home – with seemingly more places to explore and escape to, combined with the simple joy of bounding up and down the stairs. But as adults, the choice between a single and double storey home warrants more practical considerations.

As with any new home build, the overall design has to resonate with you and satisfy your needs both aesthetically and functionally. When it comes to the design process, some home-owners prefer to correspond via email, while others are present at every appointment.

Whatever the design direction or level of input you decide to take on, the first choice is always whether to go for one or two stories.

Here are 7 benefits of choosing a single storey house for your new home.

1. Your single storey home will grow with you
Single storey homes have one thing covered from the outset: accessibility. As your family grows, so might your need to have easier access for household members with a mobility issue or the elderly.

A single storey home means that accessibility is always more easily achieved than a house with stairs to factor in, and can be modified to be 100% accessible for wheelchairs or other mobility supports if required.

2. Create a base to extend from
Whether you’re adding an extra outdoor space, or indeed adding on a new level in the future, being on one level from the start means that any future extensions will generally require less complexity compared to a double storey home.

3. Open living
Part of the appeal of modern homes is the sense of open space we are all accustomed to nowadays.

Well-designed single storey homes invite you into a space that continues to open out, often centred around a family or living zone that accommodates the majority of household activity. By utilising clever design techniques, the desire for open space can be achieved no matter how compact the space is.

4. Child-friendly homes
Buying a new home often means factoring in the growing needs of your family.

Single storey homes negate the need to ward children away from stairs or the spaces created around them that may present risk of injury to small children.

Having all the living spaces on one level also means children are within closer reach when unsupervised for extended periods of time. (It doesn’t however make parenting little ones any easier!)

5. Lower maintenance costs
The simple fact that the roof is not as high up, gutters and windows are all on one level, as well as plumbing and other access points to your home, means that single story homes are generally less complex (and expensive) to maintain than their double storey counterparts.

6. Energy efficiency
Double storey houses may need to have separate zones, requiring more complex systems with further for heating and cooling to travel, whereas single storey homes have less variance and therefore less cost. Heat in a double storey home has further to rise, requiring more of cooling systems in the warmer months.

7. Broader appeal
In general, single storey homes are considered to have a broader appeal to the buyer’s market. Where land space is restricted, a double storey home is a great way to expand on living space, but where land size is not an issue, a single storey home will generally be less costly to build and maintain, which rules in more buyers.

There are many things to consider when choosing between a single and a double story home, but as with all these choices, it’s all about bringing you one step closer to your dream home.



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