Five Clever Uses for Project Homes With a Granny Flat (That Don’t Require a Granny!)

Dream homes come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. That’s why here at Lily Homes we have a large variety of styles, floor plans and designs to select from when creating your ideal house. The choice we offer our clients makes us one of the leading builders of project homes in Sydney. One option that we offer is an innovative range of homes with a self-contained granny flat. Why would you need a granny flat if you don’t have a granny? Well, we’re glad you asked! Here’s five uses for your granny flat that you may not have considered.

  1. Dual Income Investment.

As your family grows and your circumstances change, your project home may become a profitable investment property. And what better way to capitalise on the popular Sydney rental market than with two homes to offer? Alternatively, an additional unit on your property can give you the opportunity to tap into the short-term lodging trend. Rent out one home for short stays and weekends while living in the other! Either way, you will be making a savvy investment and creating a possible stream of income for generations to come. Speaking of generations to come….

  1. A Teenager’s Retreat

Research shows that parents and children are sharing the family home for longer than ever before. Project homes with a granny flat for the kids is the perfect way to ensure that you are not cramping each other’s style (whilst still being able to keep an eye on them!) Give your children a taste of independent living without the worry that comes with them actually moving out.

Lotus 24.5 – Executive Facade

  1. A Studio Space

Ever dreamt of writing that book, taking that course, learning that instrument? This is your chance to retreat to your hideaway at the end of each day and take time to pursue your passion. As our granny flats are fully self-contained, you can truly create a space that is all yours to let your creative juices flow or to simply enjoy a novel in peace. Dream homes can help you build a dream lifestyle.

  1. Convenient and Cost-Effective Home Office

Working from home can have it’s challenges as you juggle client appointments with your family’s needs and lifestyle. Having a home office that is completely separate from your main home is a game changer when it comes to taking your business to the next level. Privacy, noise control and a sense of professionalism; watch your productivity increase as you step into your office at the beginning of each day. You will never complain about the commute (or office rental prices) again.

  1. A Holiday Home For The In-Laws

Okay, okay, maybe this one does require a granny but could just as well apply to your brothers, sisters and overseas visitors. Take the stress out of having house guests by setting them up in their own holiday house just steps from your own home. With a granny flat addition to your project home, they’ll enjoy the independence of full television control of an evening and you can breathe a sigh of relief as you wave them off each night and relax in the peace and quiet of your lounge room. The best part? You can always send the kids over for an extended sleep over!

The options truly are endless when it comes to choosing from project homes with an additional abode. Extra income, more space, a soft transition for kids into independent living; whatever you choose to do with yours you will be sure to enjoy the benefits for years to come.

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