Five Hacks to Help You Achieve An Organised Pantry

The pantry, whether it be built in or walk in, is the hub of the modern kitchen and having one that is well organised can make cooking, and even cleaning up, so much easier. Plus, who doesn’t want a Pinterest worthy pantry?

We’ve got five simple hacks that will take your pantry from chaos to perfection in the blink of an eye – and you can do it all on a budget as well.

Using glass jars to store anything and everything you can will make a huge difference to your pantry organisation. Affordable jars can be found at places like Kmart, Ikea and even bargain shops. By taking products out of their original packaging and storing them in glass containers you immediately gain uniformity. No more boxes and packets in all shapes and colours. Labelling your jars will make it very easy to grab what you need when it’s time to prepare a meal. It will also make your shopping list writing quicker because you’ll be able to see at a glance what needs topping up.

Baskets are your next best friends, after glass jars. You can pick them up affordably and they come in a variety of materials to suit the aesthetic of your pantry. Think natural colours, neutral colours, rainbow colours or whatever you imagine. Use them to keep bottles or other products in one handy spot. We love baskets for condiments bottles and jars, small items like cake decorating accessories and even snacks that can be easily grabbed for lunch boxes. The added benefit of baskets is that the whole basket can be pulled out when needed and it keeps the shelves in your pantry from getting dirty.

Depending on the configuration of your pantry, installing a drawer or simply placing a Lazy Susan on a shelf is a great way to organise items and be able to access them easily. You don’t want to be rummaging through a messy, overcrowded shelf when you’re already running late to get dinner organised. Drawers can be used for mugs if your pantry is a walk-in or for things like jars and cans. The Lazy Susan in particular is great for herbs and spices. A little spin and you can easily grab what you need.


Hooks and hanging shelves can be used on the inside face of cupboard doors to hang small items. Whether it’s an apron, tea towel or even washing up products, having things hanging up saves on drawer and shelf space and keeps everything from becoming a mess. It’s all about utilising the space as best you can so that it not only looks neat and tidy, but also maximises the space you have.

Grouping similar items together can also help you get your pantry organised in a flash. For instance, keep your breakfast items in one section – cereals, tea & coffee and maybe your bread. Have your pastas and sauces or your snacks in other sections. It makes grabbing what you need a lot easier – no rummaging around the entire pantry looking for something.

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to pantry organisation. Set your pantry out to suit your family’s needs. The more organised it is, the easier it is to find things and to keep it tidy! You can even have whiteboards with the week’s agenda in there – anything that makes life easier is a great addition to your new home.