Project Homes: Sydney Style

When building your project home in Sydney you have access to cutting edge interior styling choices for furnishing. Choosing a theme for your interior style early on can help you create consistency within your home for many years to come. Here’s 5 popular style choices to ensure you are putting your own stamp on your gorgeous Sydney project home. Don’t forget: You can combine a couple of styles to create something that is truly unique to your tastes.

  1. Scandinavian

You’ve seen this style on popular home renovation shows, cool cafes and within the pages of your glossy interior design magazines. Think simple designs reflective of life in Nordic countries. Partly artistic but always functional, this style is characterised by teaming natural elements such as wood with an all-white colour palette. Don’t be afraid to use pops of colour throughout your home when using this style but these are best kept to cushions, art work or a cleverly placed occasional chair. Scandinavian style incorporates elements of a minimalistic home with an avoidance of clutter or unnecessary items displayed throughout. This interiors theme is ideal for a project home in Sydney as it injects personality onto the perfect canvas.

  1. Hollywood Regency

Looking for something slightly edgier to reflect your Sydney lifestyle? Then Hollywood Glam could be for you! Characterised by luxurious drama, feel free to go over the top with faux fur throws and art deco mirrors galore. Make a statement with velvet bed linen resting easy in the knowledge that it is balanced by the sleek lines of every Lily Home.  Unlike the Scandi styled interior, Hollywood Regency calls for an abundance of bold colours to offset a careful selection of antiques. Borrow from the most stylish eras that history has to offer. Don’t be afraid to express yourself with this style-go for plush styling choices to really make a statement.

  1. Bohemian

Looking for a fun way to style your brand-new Sydney abode? Then follow your heart with an eclectic blend of one off pieces. Make the most of the popular Sydney markets and choose items for your project home that reflect your love of all things carefree. The one rule of Bohemian styling is that there are no rules! Colourful rugs, mismatched artwork and the use of different textures will make your new build scream Sydney style. Top tip: upcycle a family heirloom and use it as a centrepiece in your new dining room. It will serve as a great conversation starter and assist in balancing old with new.

  1. Hamptons

A more restrained style than Hollywood Glam or Bohemian, this one is perfect for creating a home where you will feel as if you are perpetually on holidays. Neutral shades teamed with a hint of blue and green suggest beachside living without having to move to Bondi. Plush sofas, striped linen and organic cotton bath towels all create a peaceful Hamptons style home. Peonies in a white enamel jug placed carefully on a painted timber side table: that is Hamptons. Step in from your busy day and feel yourself instantly relax in your beautifully styled home.

  1. Contemporary

Lucky last on our list is contemporary styling. Arguably the most popular interior styling choice and incidentally the easiest to put together. Choose from on-trend items and whatever is in style at the moment. Your Lily Home offers you the perfect canvas to decorate with gusto! Contemporary/minimalist or contemporary/bohemian; anything is possible.

Styling your home is an exciting process when you know the look you are working towards. Express yourself by decorating your project home with everything that Sydney has to offer.